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Four American Idol Ficlets

A collection of ficlets that I wrote for the ontd_ai drabble meme. I was originally anon for the meme, but have decided to seek concrit considering the itch to write in this fandom doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

Title: Ficlet #1
Author: xequth
Pairing: Adam Lambert + Michael Sarver (Friendship)
Rating: G
Prompt: For the ontd_ai drabble meme prompt, 'The Idols - any or all - can't help reading their tour reviews; sometimes they get upset. Protective!Adam continues to act as Camp Counselor.'
A/N: I think Michael gets too much of a bad rap in fic and this was my attempt to correct that.


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Title: Ficlet #2
Author: xequth
Pairing: Kradison Friendship
Rating: PG
Prompt: For the ontd_ai drabble meme prompt, 'Kradison; glitter/water fight on a summer's day.'
A/N: Exactly what it says on the tin. ^_^

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Title: Ficlet #3
Author: xequth
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: G/PG
Prompt: For the ontd_ai drabble meme prompt, 'Kradam - any rating - 'Kris isn't quite sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line, his entire universe came to revolve around the sound of Adam's heartbeat.''
A/N: Slightly more shmoopy than I intended.


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Title: Ficlet #4
Author: xequth
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: PG
Prompt: For the ontd_ai drabble meme, 'KRADAM - Car accident. Your decision whether the guys are unscathed/injured/dead.'
A/N: This was mostly a style experiment, to see if I could pull off a dialogue only fic. Please share your opinions, they are always appreciated.


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Red Raven

A Tokka Fanfic

Title: Clean Feet
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Pairing: Toph/Sokka
Rating: Just barely an M to be safe.
Summary: Toph always liked having dirty feet. Can Sokka convince her otherwise?
Authors Note: Just a little plot bunny that popped up. I just feel that Tokka doesn't get enough fic dealing with their physical relationship, so I wrote one. ^_^ Constructive criticism greatly appreciated.

“Hey, Toph...”


She merely grunted in reply as she reclined on the ground of her bedroom, stretching out to her fullest extent. Her fullest extent was still pretty short despite the years that had past. She had grown in other ways, ways that she knew were appreciated by a certain someo-


“Tooo-ooph!” Plaintive this time.


And that certain someone was trying very hard to get her attention. She pondered what crazy scheme she would be dragged in to next. There had certainly been a few since the beginning of this relationship. But relationship wasn't quite the right word for what she and Sokka had. If there was a word for best friends that were sometimes lovers, always drinking buddies and partners-in-crime more often than they would admit; if that word existed it would be the perfect word for what they had.


She was about to open her mouth to enquire as to what he wanted, when he disappeared. For a few fractions of a second he was nowhere within her senses. And then – whumph - he landed on her.


“Snoozles! That hurt!” It didn't hurt though. Not really. Besides she was now far too distracted by him on top of her to care. He was straddling her, with his hands either side of her head. She could feel his muscles, lithe and as hard as any rock she had ever bended. His body was delightfully warm against hers. She softened for a second at the thought of what he could do to her with that same body, but then remembered he had just jumped on her far no reason. “What was that for?!” she demanded.


“You were ignoring me...” he pouted. Not for the first time she wished she could see his bottom lip sticking out like a petulant child's.


“So you decided to jump on me. You decided to jump on the greatest Eathbender in the world. What a wonderful idea!” Her voice rose with fake excitement. She flexed her fingers to make the ground shake, just for effect.


“Why yes, it certainly was a wonderful idea for me, the greatest swordsman in the Four Nations to jump on this poor little blind girl.” Leaning back on his heels, he matched her sarcasm with his own wit and she was drawing breath for another retort when he spoke again. “Anyway, can I wash your feet?”


“What the - ”


“Your feet. Can I wash them?”


“Why?” She tried to remember how to breathe as she felt his heartbeat racing though the rock beneath them.


He was awkward, shifting his weight to one arm to scratch the back of his neck. There was a long pause, and she could sense that what would come next would be no flippant sarcasm. “Well, um, I like you and your feet are important to you, so logically, I like your feet and they're kinda always dirty and stuff, so I wanted to clean them.” Toph frowned. He backtracked. “Not that them being dirty is a bad thing, because I know you like your dirt... Um... So yeah...” He smiled hopefully.


She considered the request for a second. Sure it was weird but then when was Sokka not weird? But, she wouldn't mind too much and it would bring him happiness. “Sure. Knock yourself out, Snoozles.”


He gave a childish squeal of joy and she could feel him grin so wide his cheeks must hurt. He dashed around to various places, she heard water splashing, felt excited footsteps and all the while a heartbeat hammering away. She was scooped up in his arms before she could protest and gently set on the bed, with her feet not quite touching the floor. She heard the thud and splash as a basin of water was set down, and the soft sound of him kneeling on the floor.


“All ready!” He proclaimed.


She felt the comforting coat of dirt on her feet. She could sense every grain of sand, rock and soil gathered in her daily traverses. Constantly changing, it was nonetheless comforting and she whispered a small goodbye to it as he took her foot and guided it into the water.


He'd touched her feet before of course, in the normal course of being friends. And the normal course of being lovers... But never like this. All his attention, all his being was focused on her two little feet. His skin was soft, to contrast the callouses on his fingertips that gently brushed away the grime. His hands stroked and caressed as much as they cleaned and the feathery light touches made her toes curl in delight. The care and love with which he dutifully washed her weathered soles made her heart melt just a little more that she would like to admit.


She could feel him more than ever before. It better than seeing him as others saw him. The soles of her feet were the most sensitive part of her, and the full contact let her see him as she never had. Every vibration outlined his form, kneeling on hard ground, the muscles of his back tensed and his head bowed over her foot. She could sense hair on his head as they followed his movements. The slight furrowing of his brow and the half smile that he wore were as evident to her as her own body.


She knew him. This simple, bizarre act let her know more of him than even the feeling of him inside her. It was like him reaching out and touching her soul.


All too soon she could that her feet were clean and dreaded him stopping. She savoured the last few caresses of his fingertips before he released her. She heard him look up and did her best not to show how much she was affected. She made her voice sound disinterested but knew he could see right through it. “So Snoozles... My feet are squeaky clean now. What next?”




He licked her foot.


And she forgot everything.


His tongue gently ran across her foot. His hand massaging it had been amazing, but this? This was mind-blowing. Every nerve and fibre in her whole body sprang into life. Her hands formed tight fists in the blankets of the bed and she could feel her breath growing ragged.


She felt Sokka's eyes slide up to observe her reaction. A teasing grin spread across his face but she could hear his breaths in time with hers.


He kept his mouth on her foot, his tongue tracing delicate patterns as his other hand kneaded those same patterns into her other foot.


Toph whimpered. She could feel him. All of him. Feel his want; his need and his desire to please. She could feel her own desire flowing out of every tensed muscle and electrified nerve. It pooled between her legs and led down to her feet. His smallest movement sent delicious chills up and down her spine.

Sokka's mouth worked over the whole of her foot, torturously slow and teasing. His tongue flicked around her toes one by one as his hand trailed up her leg to rest on her knee. He seemed to decide on her big toe and took it into his mouth.

Snoozles...” Toph moaned. She felt like she was on fire. Fire that brought burns of pleasure rather than of pain.

He began to suck gently and she could feel her need building. Just as consciously she was aware of his physical need. But she scarcely had time to think of him before he nipped her. A tiny nibble, the slight pain soon washed away by the quick deft strokes of his tongue. His teeth grazed against the sole of her foot

It was enough to push her over the edge. She lay back and let the waves rock her to her core, like a mighty earthquake. This was more intense than ever before, like comparing the first sip of wine to the heady feeling of intoxication that followed.

She noticed that Sokka had stopped. “Hey, Snoozles!” she panted. “You've still got the other foot to do.” She waved the appendage into front of him.

He happily obliged.

Toph found she very much liked having clean feet.

Red Raven

Had a very productive day...

I got loads of stuff done today...
Let's make a list:

- Cleaned pool
- Organised my computer folders
- Did my Box Hill introduction
- Made sure we bought all the food I like
- Did piano practice
- Did all the chores when asked 1st time

And, I still have a bunch of other stuff to do, including sorting out my wardrobe.

On a completely different note, saw the Christmas Special and the 1st episode of Season 3 of Doctor Who. LOVED it!! Tennant's as funny as ever and Martha compliment's the Doctor's character perfectly.
Wind in your Hair...

(no subject)

Well, I didn't read your post til today. so I missed out on May 1st, but I figure a post a day would be a pretty cool thing to do.

Right now I just really excited, cus next week my dad'll have gone to America and, hopefully, got my Mac! I've decided which one I want, it's the black MacBook with a 250Gig HD. It's so cool!!

And, I found this... Isn't it just adorable?!

And here's the cuddly microbes I was telling you about:

That's about all I can think of.

Red Raven

(no subject)

Well, Cleo's been bugging me to make another post, I I'm gonna. God knows why it matters to her, but anyway...

Loads has happened... Went on school ski trip. Loads of fun, but I was missing Darcy so much... Kinda dampened my spirits, but it was still good.

Saw Cirque du Soliel's Vareki. Absolutely amazing. Truly phenomenal. The amount of dedication, training, trust and practice it must take to do what they do...

I don't really have anything major to say... So random things:

- Gloomth has relaunched. Their stuff is OMG pretty, but new site, new prices. Gone is the nothing over $50 rule. Still, all of it handmade, sometimes even on demand... Taeden says they'll still sell under $50 stuff in their Etsy store, but I still feel a little sad. I guess they had issues making enough money or something...

- There is something vaguely sacrilegious about playing Fancy Pants 2 while listening to a complaition of Inkubus Sukkubus and Switchblade Symphony... It's the little sproingy jumps sounds that do it.

- My mum asked my dad to get "Bio Persil" when we were shopping. I was sent to get it and I was just about to, when I saw that for 1p more we could get the same amount with a free Mr. Strong with magnetic hands! Guess which one we bought... It's sitting next to me now. I am so childish sometimes.

- Speaking of shopping, my dad let me get two Ben and Jerry's... Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie... *drool* I had a heaping bowl of both of them last night. So good!

Run out of randomness now...
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Ghost Fade

(no subject)

Darkness fell,
Wrapping around them like a blanket.
It was warm
Soft and forgiving,
For nightfall hides all sins.

The gloom hid them,
But it was the rain that washed them away.
The crimson stain grew lighter,
With every drop.

The river bore the body,
Carrying it
Somewhere else,
Someplace no one would care.

But then
No one here cared either,
No one would sleep restlessly,
Sick with worry.
No one cared.
No for this sweet, innocent, evil child...

She saved us from it.
From her only son.

His twisted body floated along.
Eyes still seeing,
Even in death.

The knife is clean now.
The blood replaced with water.
But it will drink again;
Taste bittersweet life once more,
On this night.

She brings bright steel
To aching flesh.
Feels its bite
Before embracing oblivion.

The spray of red is captured
By starlight.
But is unremembered.

No one knows.
No one cares.

They sleep for eternity,
Wrapped in darkness.

And if you're not severely creeped out by that, I suggest you seek professional help. My mind scares me way too much. This was originally typed up on my old typewriter, which feels really cool to use. Next bit of writing should be a bit more cheerful...
Rogue 'Shhh....'

(no subject)

I walk the alien otherworld.

I tread the path between waking and sleep.

I see the world as it is.

Every intricacy of space-time is as clear as glass.

Death walks past me and I play cards with Fate.

Truth hangs on spiders' silk and angels cry.

Love has fallen for the quark.

God is searching for Schrödinger's Cat.

The sea is made of dark matter.

And light is made of demon tears.

I cross the bridges that link hope to despair.


I stand alone in this land.

More real than any human on the earth.

This is my reality.

This is truth.

This is me.

This is you.

This is who we are.


You say that I am mad.

If the only word we have for this clarity;

This enlightenment,

Is madness

Then I embrace it.

Call me mad.

Lock me away.

You cannot take my world from me.

I am all.

Every instant, everything.

From the dawn of time,

Exists within me.


In this silent, white-walled world.

I sit.

You flutter around me like flies.

Your life is an instant.

As is mine.

But I have found meaning.

I have found true reality.

And I would not give it up.

For anything.


Play of Sunlight


Back at school now. It's been okay. The new people seem okay, nice enough. Teachers seem to be alright. But I'm not really gonna explain about all that. Today's issue is: I didn't get a merit. Sad, isn't it? I'm feeling down because a bunch of people got something that I didn't.

But, hey! That's the curse of becoming accustomed to doing well. When you aren't the best, it's like a punch in the gut. In art I consider myself very good, but a bunch of other people got merits and I didn't. If I felt that I had done badly, then it wouldn't be so bad. But, Mrs. H even said she liked mine, that I had done well; then passed over me when handing out the merits!

Gah! And this new girl, Kaitlin, is supposed to be really clever. Everyone keep saying how she's smarter, sportier and nicer than me; that I've met my match. I just laugh it off, but it really worries me. Thoughts keep whirling in my head, if she beats me then I don't know what I'll do. Nothing like competition of unearth your deepest neuroses. Or my single, rather obvious neurosis.

People keep asking me things in the lunch queue. Random mental arithmetic; odd facts or what have you. I'm already known as the 'boffin'; the 'clever' person. I hate that; I hate everyone making their high expectations known. I hate it being common knowledge. It's nearly as bad as when in exams everyone want to know what I got; and gloat if they got higher than me. For them, getting first in class is a pleasant surprise; for me it's par for the course.

Some might say, it's sad that this was triggered by not getting a merit. But, it's up there in the title folks, "Overachiever" and this time I didn't overachieve!

In other news:
Cleo wants to have a sleepover sometime soon, but I'll combine it with my birthday or something. I need to figure out what to actually do for my birthday.
Darcy's being his usual weird self. But the masks haven't been as apparent this year which is good.
I saw Abbie yesterday and she looked better than she ever did last year. She was still skinny, but she looked much healthier and better. Reminds me, I need to give her the money for the necklaces.